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Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize a Palestinian state, deepening Israel's isolation

Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize a Palestinian state More »


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How 2 debunked accounts of sexual violence on Oct. 7 fueled a global dispute over Israel-Hamas war

The United Nations and other organizations have presented credible evidence that Hamas militants committed sexual assault during their Oct. 7 attack in southern Israel More »


Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump following their disputes during Republican primary

Nikki Haley says she will be voting for Donald Trump in the general election, encouraging the presumptive GOP nominee to work hard to win support from those who backed her in the primary More »


Senate confirms 200th federal judge under Biden as Democrats surpass Trump's pace

The Senate has confirmed the 200th federal judge of President Joe Biden’s tenure More »


In riot-hit New Caledonia, French President Macron says priority is return to calm amid unrest

President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in riot-hit New Caledonia, after crossing the globe in a high-profile show of support for the French Pacific archipelago gripped by deadly unrest More »


Use of Wegovy and other weight-loss drugs soars among kids and young adults

Use of diabetes and obesity medications such as Ozempic, Wegovy and other so-called GLP-1 drugs has soared among teens and young adults More »


Authorities searching for survivors after tornado slams Iowa; at least 1 dead

Crews are continuing to search methodically for survivors in a small Iowa town devastated by a powerful tornado More »


GOP candidate for NC governor blasts public spending as his family nonprofit rakes in taxpayer funds

In his bid to become North Carolina’s first Black governor, Republican Mark Robinson assails government safety net spending as a “plantation of welfare and victimhood” that's mired Black people in “dependency” and poverty More »


Daily marijuana use outpaces daily drinking in the US, a new study says

Millions of people in the U.S. report using marijuana daily or nearly every day, and those people now outnumber those who say they are daily or nearly-daily drinkers of alcohol More »


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