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Panic buying leaves up to 90% of fuel pumps dry in major British cities

LONDON (Reuters) -Up to 90% of British fuel stations ran dry across major English cities on Monday after panic buying deepened a supply chain crisis triggered by a shortage of truckers that retailers are warning could batter the world's fifth-largest economy. Read More


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China power crunch spreads, shutting factories and dimming growth outlook

BEIJING (Reuters) -Widening power shortages in China have halted production at numerous factories including many supplying Apple and Tesla, while some shops in the northeast operated by candlelight and malls shut earlier as the economic toll of the squeeze mounted. More »


Global vaccines project to revamp rules after Britain got more than Botswana

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - In March, as wealthy Britain led the world in vaccination rates and almost half its people had received a shot, the organisation meant to ensure fair global access to COVID-19 vaccines allotted the country over half a million doses from its supplies. More »


German SPD seeks three-way alliance to replace Merkel-led coalition

BERLIN (Reuters) -Germany's Social Democrats said on Monday they would start the process of trying to forge a three-way alliance and lead a government for the first time since 2005 after they narrowly won Sunday's national election. More »


Strong quake hits Greece's biggest island of Crete, one person killed

ATHENS (Reuters) -A strong earthquake measuring 5.8 shook Greece's largest island Crete on Monday and one person was killed when a church dome collapsed, authorities said. More »


Factbox-German "traffic light" coalition seen as most likely

(Reuters) - Germany faces months of tough negotiations to form a coalition government after the federal election on Sunday, with three parties needing to team up to clear the threshold of 50% of all seats in the Bundestag after the vote. More »


Electric supercars need to lose weight, power up and cool down

OXFORD (Reuters) - Speed has always been paramount for supercar makers, and now they're in the race of their lives to go electric before climate policy cuts their combustion engines. More »


Moment of truth for U.S. Congress on government funding, debt, Biden agenda

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress faces a showdown on Monday over government spending and debt, opening a week that could also include action on President Joe Biden's sweeping social agenda if Democrats can resolve internal divisions about the package. More »


Relief, anxiety as U.S. parents confront emotional back to school

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Kelly Toth was "very relieved" when her four sons went back to school in person at the end of August after more than a year of pandemic restrictions. More »


Cryptocurrency exchanges scramble to drop Chinese users after Beijing's ban

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Beijing's new blanket ban on all cryptocurrency trading and mining - the broadest yet by a major economy - has sent crypto exchanges and service providers scrambling to sever business ties with mainland Chinese clients. More »


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