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Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, has died in federal prison at 81

Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, the Harvard-educated mathematician who retreated to a dingy shack in the Montana wilderness and ran a 17-year bombing campaign that killed three people and injured 23 others, died Saturday Read More


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Indictment takeaways: Trump's alleged schemes and lies to keep secret papers

The federal indictment against Donald Trump accuses the former president of illegally hoarding classified documents at his Florida estate after leaving the White House in 2021, and then scheming and lying to thwart government efforts to recover them More »


Trump's GOP defenders in Congress leap into action on charges after months of preparation

Former President Donald Trump’s indictment on charges of mishandling classified documents is set to play out in federal court in Florida More »


Zelenskyy says 'counteroffensive, defensive actions' taking place in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that counteroffensive and defensive actions are underway against Russian forces More »


4 children, including a baby, survived a plane crash and 40 days alone in the Amazon jungle

Four Indigenous children have survived an Amazon plane crash that killed three adults and then braved the jungle for 40 days before being found alive by Colombian soldiers, bringing a happy ending to a search-and-rescue saga that captivated a nation but also prompted questions about their extraordinary survival More »


This school reopened quickly after COVID. Kids' reading was still behind

Exiting from the pandemic, the assumption might be students who returned quickly to in-person learning might be the least scathed academically More »


Cracked floors, bowed walls: Many warnings but no action at Iowa building before deadly collapse

It seems everyone from the structural engineer to city officials to tenants had concerns about the 116-year-old Davenport apartment building More »


Boris Johnson's bombshell exit from Parliament leaves UK politics reeling

Former U_K_ Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left chaos in his wake after quitting Parliament and accusing fellow lawmakers of ousting him in a “witch hunt.” More »


Pride is back in Boston as parade returns after quarrel over inclusivity

The biggest Pride parade in New England has returned to Boston after a three-year hiatus More »


Can a chatbot preach a good sermon? Hundreds attend church service generated by ChatGPT to find out

Hundreds of German Protestants attended a church service in Bavaria that was generated almost entirely by artificial intelligence More »


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