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U.S. eclipse watchers howl at Blood Wolf Moon but bitter cold cancels other festivities

(Reuters) - Skywatchers howled at the moon at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles when the full lunar eclipse appeared shortly after 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday and our celestial neighbor was bathed reddish-orange during a Super Blood Wolf Moon. Read More


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Russian scientists find defect in new heavy lift space rocket engine

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Scientists have discovered a defect in the engines of Russia's new flagship heavy lift space rocket that could destroy it in flight, an apparent setback to a project President Vladimir Putin has said is vital for national security. More »


Lord of the rings: Saturn's halo may be relatively recent trait

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Saturn's rings are one of our solar system's magnificent sights, but may be a relatively recent addition, according to data obtained from┬áNASA's Cassini spacecraft before the robotic explorer's 2017 death plunge into the giant gas planet. More »


Mega tube under Geneva enters race to succeed CERN collider

GENEVA (Reuters) - A proposed 100-km particle accelerator under Geneva has joined an international quest to develop the successor to the Large Hadron Collider to help unlock humankind's knowledge of matter. More »


Too much salt: water desalination plants harm environment: U.N.

OSLO (Reuters) - Almost 16,000 desalination plants worldwide produce bigger-than-expected flows of highly salty waste water and toxic chemicals that are damaging the environment, a U.N.-backed study said on Monday. More »


Braille technology firm builds 'Kindle for the blind'

LONDON (Reuters) - A British company plans to launch a Braille e-reader for blind people this year that should greatly enhance their reading experience and spare them from lugging around hefty print volumes. More »


China to collect samples from moon this year

BEIJING (Reuters) - China will launch a probe to collect samples from the moon around the end of this year, a space official said on Monday, weeks after Beijing hailed the successful touch down on the far side of the moon. More »


Shifting north magnetic pole forces unprecedented navigation fix

OSLO (Reuters) - Rapid shifts in the Earth's north magnetic pole are forcing researchers to make an unprecedented early update to a model that helps navigation by ships, planes and submarines in the Arctic, scientists said. More »


Chinese scientist criticized for risking 'gene-edited' babies' lives

LONDON, Jan 7 (Reuters) - A leading geneticist who ran the conference where a Chinese scientist said he had made the world's first "gene-edited" babies condemned him on Monday for potentially jeopardizing lives and having no biology training. More »


Indian scientists protest congress speakers discrediting works of Newton, Einstein

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Indian scientists have protested about claims made at a local science conference that rubbish the work of some of the world's greatest physicists and suggest modern breakthroughs such as in-vitro fertilization were in fact invented in ancient India. More »


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