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North Korea informs Japan of satellite launch plan, a likely bid to put 2nd spy satellite into orbit

Japan says North Korea has informed it of a plan to launch a satellite by June 3 More »


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What you can do to try to stay safe when a tornado hits, and also well beforehand

Experts say planning before a tornado threatens is key for staying safe More »


Boeing's 1st astronaut flight now set for June after a review of small leak on new capsule

Boeing is now aiming for its first astronaut launch at the beginning of June More »


Massive cradle of baby stars revealed in new space telescope images

A European space telescope is thrilling scientists with its latest peek at stars and galaxies More »


General Sherman passes health check but world's largest trees face growing climate threats

Researchers climbed the world’s largest tree to inspect for bark beetles and descended the giant sequoia with good news this week More »


Climate change and rapid urbanization worsened the impact of East African rains, scientists say

The impact of the calamitous rains that struck East Africa from March to May was intensified by a mix of human-caused climate change and rapid growth of urban areas, an international team of climate scientists said in a study published Friday More »


Sun's magnetic field may form close to the surface. This finding could improve solar storm forecasts

New research indicates the sun's magnetic field originates much closer to the surface than previously thought More »


How cockroaches spread around the globe to become the pest we know today

A new study tracks how cockroaches spread around the globe to become the survival experts we know today More »


Webb telescope uncovers merger of two massive black holes from early universe

The Webb Space Telescope has discovered the earliest known merger of black holes More »


Beach weather is here and so are sharks. Scientists say it's time to look out for great whites

Scientists with a Boston aquarium are encouraging beachgoers to report sightings of white sharks this holiday weekend after signs of shark bites were observed on multiple marine mammals More »


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