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Penguin parents sleep for just a few seconds at a time to guard newborns, study shows

Researchers have discovered that some penguin parents sleep for only seconds at a time around-the-clock to protect their eggs and chicks Read More


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Vice President Harris will attend COP28 climate conference in Dubai

Vice President Kamala Harris will join the United States delegation at the upcoming United Nations conference on climate change in Dubai More »


Still alive! Golden mole not seen for 80 years and presumed extinct is found again in South Africa

Researchers in South Africa say they have rediscovered a mole species that has an iridescent golden coat and the ability to “swim” through sand dunes after it hadn't been seen for more than 80 years and was thought to be extinct More »


A six-planet solar system in perfect synchrony has been found in the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered six planets orbiting a bright, nearby star in perfect synchrony like a grand cosmic orchestra More »


US moves to protect wolverines as climate change melts their mountain refuges, threatens extinction

The North American wolverine will receive long-delayed threatened species protections under a Biden administration proposal More »


Climate contradictions key at UN talks. Less future warming projected, yet there's more current pain

Experts say the world is heading for considerably less warming than projected a decade ago, but that good news is overwhelmed by much more pain from current climate change than scientists anticipated More »


How did humans get to the brink of crashing climate? A long push for progress and energy to fuel it

Earth's climate is in trouble, and the signs could be seen around the world this summer More »


A Sumatran rhino calf born in Indonesia adds to an endangered species of fewer than 50 animals

A Sumatran rhino has given birth to a male calf in Indonesia, a welcome addition to a critically endangered species that numbers fewer than 50 animals More »


One of world's largest icebergs drifting beyond Antarctic waters after it was grounded for 3 decades

The British Antarctic Survey says that one of the world’s largest icebergs is drifting beyond Antarctic waters after being grounded for more than three decades More »


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