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South African company to start making vaginal rings that protect against HIV

A South African company will make vaginal rings that protect against HIV, which AIDS experts say should eventually make them cheaper and more readily available Learn More


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Residents in St. Croix sue government over water contaminated with lead and copper

A group of residents have sued a public utility company in the U.S. Virgin Islands after authorities there reported finding high levels of lead and copper in the tap water on St. Croix More »


US life expectancy rose last year, but it remains below its pre-pandemic level

U.S. life expectancy rose last year, but it still isn’t close to what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic More »


Alternative healer faces manslaughter charge over woman's death at a UK slapping therapy workshop

An alternative healer who advocates a technique known as “slapping therapy” has been charged over the death of a woman at one of his workshops in England More »


Poland's new parliament brings back state financing for in vitro fertilization

Poland’s new parliament has reinstated government funding for in vitro fertilization, previously banned by the conservative party which lost control of the legislature in the country's recent general election More »


Australia apologizes for thalidomide tragedy as some survivors listen in the Parliament gallery

Survivors of the harmful morning sickness drug thalidomide were in the public gallery when Australia’s Parliament made a national apology for what was described as one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s medical history More »


Coal power, traffic, waste burning a toxic smog cocktail in Indonesia's Jakarta

Pollution is causing respiratory illnesses and deaths to rise in Indonesia's island of Java, including the capital, Jakarta More »


New Zealand leader plans to ban cellphone use in schools and end tobacco controls in first 100 days

New Zealand’s new prime minister plans to ban cellphone use in schools and repeal tobacco controls in the agenda for his first three months in office More »


Elton John addresses Britain's Parliament, urging lawmakers to do more to fight HIV/AIDS

Elton John has urged British lawmakers to do more to fight HIV and AIDS More »


Mayo Clinic announces $5 billion expansion of Minnesota campus

The Mayo Clinic has announced a $5 billion expansion plan that includes new buildings designed so they can evolve and expand as patient needs change over the coming decades More »


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