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Trump administration proposes production quota cuts for six opioids

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Trump administration on Thursday proposed that U.S. drugmakers cut production quotas of the six most abused opioids by 10 percent next year to fight a nationwide addiction crisis. Learn More


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China sacks six senior officials at food and drug regulator over vaccine scandal

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China said on Saturday it has sacked six senior officials at its food and drug regulator after a safety scandal at vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co Ltd revealed failings at the government body including inadequate supervision. More »


Third African swine fever outbreak hits China's hog herd

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Ministry of Agriculture said on Sunday 88 hogs had died from African swine fever in the eastern city of Lianyungang, the third outbreak this month, as the highly-contagious disease threatened to spread through the world's biggest pig herd. More »


FDA approves Bristol-Myers' Opdivo for small cell lung cancer

(Reuters) - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co said on Friday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its treatment, Opdivo, for patients whose lung cancer had progressed even after undergoing chemotherapy and at least one other therapy. More »


Militia threat hampers Ebola fight in Congo as disease kills 47

GENEVA (Reuters) - Militia violence in Democratic Republic of Congo has prevented aid workers from reaching some potential cases in an outbreak of Ebola that has so far killed 47 people, the World Health Organization said on Friday. More »


China think tank slammed for 'procreation fund' idea

BEIJING (Reuters) - A proposal by two Chinese researchers to force couples with fewer than two children to pay into a "procreation fund" backfired on Friday, with critics calling it a "thoughtless" and "absurd" way to battle the problem of an ageing population. More »


World's top pork firm shuts China slaughterhouse in race to contain deadly swine fever

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has ordered the world's top pork producer, WH Group Ltd, to shut a major slaughterhouse as authorities race to stop the spread of deadly African swine fever (ASF) after a second outbreak in the planet's biggest hog herd in two weeks. More »


Many people take drugs that interfere with their blood pressure pills

(Reuters Health) - People who take pills to lower their blood pressure often take other drugs that reduce the pills' effectiveness, a recent study suggests. More »


Dementia patients may benefit from music therapy

(Reuters Health) - Music therapy may improve depression and anxiety in dementia patients, a new analysis suggests. More »


Scotland's Ayrshire to give free tampons to tackle period poverty

EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Scotland's North Ayrshire Council has become the first local authority in Britain to provide free sanitary provision in public buildings, hoping to tackle "period poverty". More »


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