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Families anxious to learn fate of hundreds missing in California fire

PARADISE, Calif. (Reuters) - Family members and survivors of the deadliest wildfire in California history sought news on Friday on the missing 630 people - 10 times the number of confirmed dead - from the fast-moving blaze that reduced much of the town of Paradise to ash and charred rubble. Learn More


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Tight Senate race in Florida hangs on hand recount of ballots

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - Florida election officials on Friday were slogging through a hand recount of ballots to determine who won a hard-fought U.S. Senate contest, with about a dozen high-profile races across the country remaining unresolved more than a week after elections. More »


U.S. judge temporarily restores White House press pass to CNN's Acosta

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Friday temporarily restored White House press credentials to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, which were revoked after a contentious press conference with President Donald Trump, saying there should be a due process in place for limiting a journalist's access to the White House. More »


Top Kentucky court upholds state's 'right-to-work' law

(Reuters) - The Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld the state's so-called “right-to-work” law, which makes it illegal to require workers to join unions and bars the collection of fees from private-sector workers who choose not to become union members. More »


Pentagon fails its first-ever audit, official says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon has failed what is being called its first-ever comprehensive audit, a senior official said on Thursday, finding U.S. Defense Department accounting discrepancies that could take years to resolve. More »


Forced out, Bolton aide Ricardel expresses admiration for Trump, Melania

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Forced out of the White House in a feud with first lady Melania Trump, Mira Ricardel on Friday expressed admiration for U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife as a tumultuous week ended for the former deputy national security adviser. More »


Kentucky supermarket murder suspect charged with federal hate crimes

(Reuters) - A white man from Kentucky suspected of killing a black man and woman in a racially motivated shooting attack at a supermarket last month has been charged with federal hate crimes and firearm charges, according to federal officials. More »


Captain says U.S. military does not view Central American migrants as 'enemies'

SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - A captain with the U.S. forces deployed in San Diego to fortify the southern border said he does not view the migrants from a Central American caravan amassing in Mexico as "enemies" after President Donald Trump described them as an "invasion." More »


Labor unions file pension lawsuit against Puerto Rico

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Puerto Rico violated a law meant to safeguard the pensions of its public-sector workers who have been unable to invest the more than $300 million they contributed to a new retirement plan, according to a lawsuit filed against the U.S. commonwealth's government and others by two labor unions on Thursday. More »


North Korea to deport U.S. citizen held since October: state media

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea will deport a U.S. citizen detained since October after he entered illegally from China and told his captors he was manipulated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the North Korean state news agency reported on Friday. More »


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