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Toyota heading to moon with cruiser, robotic arms, dreams

Toyota says it's working with Japan’s space agency on a vehicle to explore the lunar surface, with ambitions to help people live on the moon by 2040 and eventually live on Mars Learn More


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Fake poop helps evicted owls settle into new neighborhood

Scientists have come up with some tricks to make transplanted owls feel like they are not alone in their new digs, playing owl sounds and scattering fake poop More »


Meet Methuselah, the oldest living aquarium fish

An elderly fish that likes to eat fresh figs and get belly rubs is believed to be the world's oldest living aquarium fish More »


Fearing tips could get lost, sheriff halts Facebook comments

A Florida sheriff’s office has turned off public comments on its social media posts because too many people are reporting crimes there rather than calling 911 or submitting tips through the agency’s website More »


Germany: Inmates fined over prison potato mash fight

Two female inmates at a German prison have been served a hefty fine for a brawl that began with a food fight More »


Michigan school offers full tuition after scholarship error

Dozens of prospective Central Michigan University students who were mistakenly told they had won full-ride scholarships that include room and board have received an apology from the school — and offers of the equivalent of full-tuition scholarships More »


Rare eagle seen in Maine, wowing birders, might stay a bit

A rare species of eagle that has thrilled bird lovers and baffled scientists since arriving in Maine last month might not be in a hurry to leave More »


Chalk it up: Michigan parking dispute could cover thousands

Lawyers who argued that a Michigan city violated the U.S. Constitution by chalking tires have successfully turned the case into a class-action lawsuit More »


Another delay for ex-deep-sea treasure hunter stuck in jail

The long-running case of a former deep-sea treasure hunter marking his sixth year in jail has hit yet another roadblock More »


Irish police investigate claim dead man taken to post office

Police in Ireland are investigating reports that the body of a dead man was brought to a post office in an attempt to collect his pension More »


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