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European powers warn Iran over 'dangerous' uranium enrichment move

PARIS (Reuters) -The European countries party to the Iran nuclear deal told Tehran on Wednesday its decision to enrich uranium at 60% purity, bringing the fissile material closer to bomb-grade, was contrary to efforts to revive the 2015 accord. Learn More


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'Time to end the forever war': Biden to start U.S. Afghanistan pullout on May 1

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he will begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan on May 1 to end America's longest war, rejecting calls for U.S. forces to stay to ensure a peaceful resolution to that country's internal conflict. More »


Russia, Ukraine hold military drills, NATO criticises Russian troop build-up

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Russia and Ukraine held simultaneous military drills on Wednesday as NATO foreign and defence ministers began emergency discussions on a massing of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. More »


Europe's vaccine rollout hit by doubts over J&J, AstraZeneca shots

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) -Europe's choppy vaccine rollout hit more trouble on Wednesday after U.S. drugmaker Johnson & Johnson delayed its COVID-19 shot and Denmark said it would drop a similar vaccine from AstraZeneca over the risk of blood clotting. More »


Exclusive: India, Pakistan held secret talks to try to break Kashmir impasse

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Top intelligence officers from India and Pakistan held secret talks in Dubai in January in a new effort to calm military tension over the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, people with close knowledge of the matter told Reuters in Delhi. More »


Battle-hardened and better funded, Ukraine's army knocks on NATO's door

KYIV (Reuters) - At the outbreak of the war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Ukrainian army was so poorly equipped that ordinary citizens were knitting socks, donating scrap metal and even crowdfunding a tank for soldiers at the front line. More »


U.S. spy chiefs say China is 'unparalleled priority'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. spy agency leaders said on Wednesday that China is an "unparalleled" priority, citing Beijing's regional aggression and cyber capabilities as they testified at a public congressional "Worldwide Threats" hearing for the first time in more than two years. More »


NATO forces to leave Afghanistan together, U.S. says

BRUSSELS/BERLIN (Reuters) -Foreign troops under NATO command will withdraw from Afghanistan in coordination with a U.S. pull-out by Sept. 11, Washington's top diplomat said on Wednesday, after Germany said it would match American plans to leave after two decades of war. More »


Rocket hits near Erbil airport in northern Iraq -Kurdish security officials

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq (Reuters) - A rocket landed near Erbil airport in northern Iraq late on Wednesday, Kurdish security officials said in a statement, with no immediate reports of casualties. More »


Turkey's Erdogan slams Italy's Draghi over 'dictator' comment

ANKARA (Reuters) - President Tayyip Erdogan accused Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Wednesday of behaving with "impertinence and disrespect" after he called the Turkish leader a "dictator". More »


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