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Fate of 2,500 Ukrainian POWs from steel plant stirs concern

As the West rallies behind Ukraine in its war with Russia, Polish President Andrzej Duda has arrived in Ukraine on an unannounced visit Learn More


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Australia's next prime minister came from humble beginnings

Australia’s Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese is a politician molded by his humble start to life as the only child of a single mother who raised him on a pension in gritty inner-Sydney suburbia More »


Australia PM Morrison defends record despite election loss

Scott Morrison says his conservative government had left Australia in a robust condition even as voters punished him for his handling of issues including climate change and the pandemic that helped return the center-left opposition to power More »


Biden highlights Hyundai announcement of $10B US investment

President Joe Biden is tending to both business and security interests as he wraps up a three-day visit to South Korea on Sunday More »


Russia cuts off gas exports to Finland in symbolic move

Russia has halted natural gas exports to neighboring Finland More »


9 more bodies found in Kashmir tunnel collapse, toll at 10

Officials say rescuers have found the bodies of nine more workers in Indian-controlled Kashmir, taking the death toll to 10 after part of a tunnel collapsed in the Himalayan region More »


On Venezuelan roads, old cars prevail, break down everywhere

Venezuela's auto mechanics are increasingly busy these days, trying to coax a little more life out of aging vehicles More »


Veering from Mad Max, George Miller debuts '3,000 Years'

It’s taken a lot of time and a good deal of yearning for Australian director George Miller to make “Three Thousand Years of Longing,” his long-awaited follow-up to “Mad Max: Fury Road.” More »


The AP Interview: New Pakistani FM seeks better ties with US

Pakistan's new foreign minister says his country has resumed engagement with the United States after years of strained relations under former Prime Minister Imran Khan More »


Poles need EU funds as they help Ukrainians, ambassador says

Ukraine's ambassador to neighboring Poland says his country is grateful for the welcome that Poles have given to millions of Ukrainians, but hopes the European Union will soon release billions of euros to Poland so that helping those fleeing the war does not come “at the cost of the Polish people.” More »


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