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As deaths rise, Russian doctors despair at low vaccine rate

Facing a surge of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, the head of an intensive care unit at a Moscow hospital says the situation could easily have been avoided if more Russians were vaccinated Learn More


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Haiti gang seeks $1M each for kidnapped US missionaries

A gang that kidnapped 17 members of a U.S.-based missionary group has demanded $1 million ransom per person More »


Brazil senators readying call for Bolsonaro criminal charges

Brazilian senators are discussing details of an investigative committee's final report that will call for President Jair Bolsonaro to be indicted on criminal charges for bungling the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and producing the world’s second-highest death toll More »


N Korea confirms missile test designed for submarine launch

North Korea says it has tested a newly developed missile designed to be launched from a submarine, the first such weapons test in two years that it says will bolster its military’s underwater operational capability More »


Jumping onto trucks to get to Britain: A migrant's day

Young Sudanese men who escaped war in their country now spend their days in the French port of Calais, trying to jump onto moving trucks bound for Britain More »


South African regulator rejects Russia's COVID-19 vaccine

The South African drug regulator has rejected the Russian-made coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, citing some safety concerns the manufacturer wasn’t able to answer More »


Taliban agree to new polio vaccination across Afghanistan

U.N. agencies say Afghanistan's Taliban rulers have agreed to a nationwide polio vaccination campaign for the first time in three years More »


Taliban promise cash, land, to families of suicide bombers

The Taliban have promised plots of land to relatives of suicide bombers who attacked U.S. and Afghan soldiers More »


Chinese-North Korean defectors face hardship in South Korea

Thousands of ethnic Chinese have lived in North Korea for generations More »


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