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German SPD seeks three-way alliance to replace Merkel-led coalition

BERLIN (Reuters) -Germany's Social Democrats said on Monday they would start the process of trying to forge a three-way alliance and lead a government for the first time since 2005 after they narrowly won Sunday's national election. Learn More


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Factbox-German "traffic light" coalition seen as most likely

(Reuters) - Germany faces months of tough negotiations to form a coalition government after the federal election on Sunday, with three parties needing to team up to clear the threshold of 50% of all seats in the Bundestag after the vote. More »


Strong quake hits Greece's biggest island of Crete, one person killed

ATHENS (Reuters) -A strong earthquake measuring 5.8 shook Greece's largest island Crete on Monday and one person was killed when a church dome collapsed, authorities said. More »


Indian farmers aim for nationwide protests against reforms on Monday

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian farmers opposed to reforms they say threaten their livelihoods aim to renew their push against the changes with nationwide protests on Monday, a year after laws on the liberalisation of the sector were introduced. More »


Outcome uncertain as Japan's ruling party heads to vote on next PM

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's ruling party votes on Wednesday for the country's next prime minister in an election that has turned into the most unpredictable race since Shinzo Abe made a surprise comeback almost a decade ago, defeating a popular rival in a runoff. More »


Factbox-Japan PM candidates and their policy stances

TOKYO (Reuters) -Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, his support ratings in tatters ahead of a general election, said this month he would step down—campaign=trueAnthem:+Tren, meaning the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will choose a new leader on Wednesday, who will become premier. More »


Taiwan says needs long-range weapons to deter China

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan needs to have long-range, accurate weapons in order to properly deter a China that is rapidly developing its systems to attack the island, Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said on Monday. More »


Car-exhaust drug craze alarms Congo's capital

KINSHASA (Reuters) - A new craze for a drug derived from crushed vehicle exhaust filters is rattling authorities in Kinshasa, triggering a campaign to stamp out the concoction and a related rash of car part thefts. More »


Mali could delay post-coup elections, interim PM says

DAKAR (Reuters) - Mali could push back presidential and legislative elections from late February to avoid their validity being contested, its prime minister handling a post-coup transition said. More »


German capital Berlin to get first female mayor

BERLIN (Reuters) - The Social Democrats (SPD) won the regional election to lead the state government in Berlin, according to provisional results on Monday, meaning that their candidate Franziska Giffey will become the first female mayor of the German capital. More »


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