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Biden pledged police reform, but asking Congress to act first

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Nearly a year after President Joe Biden called for "real action" on police brutality as part of a pledge to fix U.S. racial inequality, he is coming up against the limits of presidential power. Learn More


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'A cry for an acknowledgement:' U.S. House Democrats urge reparations bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday will try to advance a bill that could lead to reparations for Black Americans as part of a broader effort to address centuries of enslavement followed by modern-day institutional racism. More »


U.S. Capitol Police probe finds widespread shortcomings ahead of deadly Jan. 6 assault

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A law enforcement internal probe of the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol found significant shortcomings within the police department charged with securing the complex and made dozens of recommendations for avoiding a repeat of the violence. More »


Biden civil rights nominee fends off Republican attacks at hearing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Kristen Clarke, President Joe Biden's nominee to lead the Justice Department's civil rights division, fended off attacks from Republicans during her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, saying she does not support defunding the police while promising to find common ground with law enforcement. More »


U.S. Senate votes 53-45 to confirm Gary Gensler as Biden's SEC chief

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. Senate voted 53-45 on Wednesday to confirm former derivative markets regulator Gary Gensler as head of the country's top securities markets regulator, spelling a tougher regulatory regime for Wall Street. More »


Republicans want to yank baseball's antitrust immunity after MLB reaction to Georgia voting law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Five Republican senators introduced a bill on Wednesday to strip Major League Baseball of its immunity to antitrust law, saying the legal shield wasn't deserved after the league moved its All-Star game away from Georgia to protest a law that could make it harder to vote. More »


U.S. Senate's Schumer eyes infrastructure push as Republicans ready proposal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate is expected to take its first step forward on President Joe Biden's $2.3 trillion infrastructure package next week, while Senate Republicans are preparing a narrower proposal less than one-third the size. More »


Top U.S. House Republican on tax policy to retire

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Kevin Brady, one of the Republican Party's leading voices on tax policy in Congress, announced on Wednesday that he will retire from the House of Representatives when his current term ends in 2023. More »


More guns than people: Why tighter U.S. firearms laws are unlikely

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden announced limited measures to tackle gun violence in the United States last week, but more ambitious steps will be harder to enact despite widespread public support. More »


U.S. hearing on China competition told research funding falling behind

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. investment in research and development has reached its lowest level decades while that in the rest of the world has soared, the head of a U.S. Senate committee warned at a hearing on proposed subsidies to the tech industry to help the United States better compete with China. More »


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