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With eye on election, Trump in high-stakes balancing act over coronavirus response

WASHINGTON, March 28 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump offered a preview of his re-election campaign playbook last year when he visited the building site of a multi-billion-dollar cracking unit in western Pennsylvania, hailed as one of the largest construction projects in the country. Learn More


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New York's Cuomo postpones primary election as coronavirus cases keep growing

(Reuters) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday he was postponing the state's April 28 presidential primary to June 23 as its number of coronavirus cases climbed to 52,318 and deaths to 728. More »


Historic $2.2 trillion coronavirus bill passes U.S. House, becomes law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday approved a $2.2 trillion aid package - the largest in history - to help cope with the economic downturn inflicted by the intensifying coronavirus pandemic, and President Donald Trump quickly signed it into law. More »


Coronavirus emerges as major threat to U.S. election process

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. election officials looking to construct a safe voting system in a worsening coronavirus pandemic are confronting a grim reality: there may not be enough time, money or political will to make it happen by the November election. More »


Coronavirus aid deal is no panacea for coming U.S. state budget woes

(Reuters) - A massive federal spending bill aimed at deflecting the economic harm caused by the spreading coronavirus does not address the billions of tax dollars U.S. states stand to lose as major parts of the nation have shut down. More »


Trump attacks Republican lawmaker threatening delay of economic stimulus

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday criticized a Republican congressman who is considering tactics to delay a House of Representatives vote on a massive coronavirus stimulus bill, calling Representative Thomas Massie a "third-rate grandstander." More »


Trump, Michigan governor trade jabs as state's virus cases mount

DETROIT (Reuters) - President Donald Trump and Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan took fresh swipes at each other over the spread of the coronavirus, escalating a war of words as the state braces to become one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. More »


Democratic group defies Trump, ramps up ad blasting coronavirus response

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic super PAC Priorities USA said on Thursday it planned to expand its use of an advertisement critical of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic despite the Trump re-election campaign's efforts to stop it. More »


U.S. Senate approves big rescue for struggling aviation sector

WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voted late Wednesday 96-0 to give the U.S. aviation industry $58 billion in a coronavirus-rescue package, half in the form of grants to cover some 750,000 employees' paychecks, in a badly needed lifeline for an industry facing the worst travel downturn in history. More »


U.S. envoy blames China for endangering world with coronavirus

LONDON (Reuters) - The U.S. ambassador to London has said China had endangered the world by suppressing information about the coronavirus outbreak thus allowing it to spread far beyond the Communist republic's borders. More »


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